Standing Firm

What does “standing firm” mean? It means standing your ground, refusing to abandon your beliefs, take a firm stand, and refuse to budge or be moved… I could go on with the meanings but I trust you get the picture. It is a fairly straight forward statement. In times of trouble it can be difficult to stand your ground. Fear and anxiety knock on your door and threaten to derail your faith. Challenges can seem so HUGE that you don’t know how you are going to face them. Stepping out in faith or standing in faith at this point seems impossible, feels like a waste of time. You feel like giving up, helpless even. But I urge you not to lose your faith. Exodus 14:13 “Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today.” Today may not be TODAY, but your today is coming! Your deliverance is coming! Refuse to be shaken out of your faith…stand firm! Do not lose faith!

1 Corinthians 16:13 Be on your guard, stand firm in the faith, be courageous, be strong.


Audience of One

Something to think about…

Chris Martin Writes

I’ve been a Christian since 1992, but I am finally starting to realize what that title truly means. For many years, I read the script and played the role, but it was methodical, robotic at best. I knew the key Bible verses and all the “Christian” buzz words, but I was merely going through the motions. The reality of the Gospel was just a foreign concept to me. It was something the missionaries in Africa were doing.

I didn’t have a spiritual walk, it was more like a spiritual fetal position. I couldn’t even consider it a crawl.

I knew something had to happen, a change needed to take place in my life. I began to realize that I was doing absolutely nothing to further the Kingdom of God and share the Gospel with other people. And that’s not okay. If we are born again, claiming to be a follower…

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The But Stops Here

Chris Martin Writes

There is a huge problem with Christianity today. It feels to me as if we have built walls around our beliefs when we should be completely open and accessible. We immediately get mad, irritated, or defensive if a person shares something that contradicts what we believe. We start shouting Bible scriptures and flog them with our judgmental whips. The sad part is, we do all of this while keeping the skeletons in our own closet locked away under a veil of darkness, where no one can ever see them. What bothers me the most is the “but” mentality.

We have become a generation of Christians who can’t love others unless there are conditions. 

Love the sinner, BUT hate the sin. Of course we hate sin, but why do we feel the need to state that every time we see someone doing wrong? (I am guilty of this, by the way.)…

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Keep Moving Forward

Keep pressing on!

Chris Martin Writes

Time is always moving forward. Whether we like it or not. It’s hard to believe this is January 1, 2014. Where did 2013 go? The older I get, the more time just feels like a blur. I thought it was moving pretty fast when I was younger, but once I got married and had kids, yeah, time was like “See ya!” It’s so easy for all of us to look back and wonder what might have been. Sometimes it’s good to look back, if only to see where we’ve come from. To see progress. My challenge to all of us this year is to keep moving forward.

The old cliche’s are worn out. “Live life to the fullest.” “Live as if today was your last.” “Don’t dwell on the past, live in the present.” I could go on and on, but you get my drift. And I’m not saying those…

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